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Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush bought the online store Sotmarket. Vacuum cleaner with aquafiltering and bag, as well as the ability to collect spilled water. The maximum power consumption of 1600 watts. The noise of 86 dB.

About the suction power (in aerovatah) manufacturers, as always crafty, silent! Somewhere on the Internet, you can stumble upon a figure of 290 AVT.

Compare especially there is nothing. Before there was a vacuum cleaner Bork, bought for 2008goda 6 000rub that completely ceased to plow after 10 uses. after this incident with suspicion treat goods company bork and try to avoid them.

What I want to say about the configuration of a vacuum cleaner Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush? All parts are plastic, quite fragile. treat them at work and need to wash gently, so as not to damage it.

7 accessories:

1) Brush the floor-mat

2) The turbo brush

3) Head of slots

4) brush for furniture

5) additional nozzle for furniture

6) for collecting water

7) for collecting the coat.

From ethics baits I like 2:

- For the slots (it does not lose suction power, fine sticks and trash pulls not only from the slots, and from everywhere, where you need to!)

- Turbo-brush (perfectly removes hair).

Regarding the static electricity accumulated on the vacuum cleaner and the body - that's what I noticed: when pylesoshu in shale, a kind of static, no! Although I am not even sure that the shale rubber. Can Lenore wipe parts of the vacuum cleaner.

What particularly pleased because this is what you can collect the spilled water. And he even collects a large amount of spilled water. It is also possible, for example, clean the floor very wet cloth, and then wipe dry with no, just vacuumed. It will be clear! Almost washing vacuum cleaner turns out.)))

Still, I want to note that because of the loose fit between the components directly with a suction device, it is still some dust flying out of the vacuum cleaner and even it can be seen on the nozzles, on parts inside the vacuum cleaner. Do not build illusions that cleaning is ideal. It will be ideal only if the entire vacuum cleaner germetichen.No generally it is not possible in principle.

With this vacuum cleaning of the apartment faster and cleaner than conventional pylesosami.Razbirat and wash aquafiltering quickly privykaesh.I it does not cause difficulties.

In general, for this price category vacuum cleaner Bissell Spotlifter Powerbrush recommend!

It took 8 months from the date of purchase. After general cleaning the balcony, where the cleaner worked continuously for about 6 hours, he became weak suck. I knew that the case in the motor. I began to look for the cause. And it turned out that the vacuum cleaner is a third foam filter that it is necessary to periodically wash. This filter is located at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. You just need to move a special valve, and a plastic filter cover once opened. Gets foam, wash with soap and water and dry. This is how! It's a shame. Because of my ignorance of the entire engine I was in the dust. I hope this information will be useful to someone.

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